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At Kelowna Pro Appliance, we have years of experience providing appliance repair services to our local client base and help residential and commercial clients in need of washer and dryer repair. Our repair technicians can repair washers and dryers produced by all manufacturers and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our washer and dryer repair services.

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Washer & Dryer Repair Service Kelowna

If you’re a Kelowna resident who relies on a washer and dryer to manage your family’s clothing, it’s critical that it operates at its full capacity. Whether your dryer is leaving your laundry damp or your washer refuses to turn on, you need the services of an expert washer and dryer repair service in Kelowna.

Don’t make the mistake of throwing away your current washer or dryer. Our timely and affordable repair solutions help you restore your appliance’s functionality without exceeding your budget. We’re here to help you save time and money.

If you require an urgent washer and dryer repair service in Kelowna or a nearby area, please contact our repair team immediately. We’re more than happy to provide same-day repair services to our clients.

Common washer and dryer problems we can fix

Modern washers and dryers include a range of technologies, so there could be several problems that arise within your home or commercial property’s appliance. Below, let’s explore some of the common washer and dryer issues we can repair in Kelowna:


Washing Machine or Dryer Turning Off Mid-Cycle

If your washing machine or dryer turns off mid-cycle, it can leave your clothes dirty or wet. This can be due to electrical issues, sensor issues, appliance door issues, and more. We can identify the cause and fix the problem.


Your Dryer Leave Your Clothes Damp

There’s no point in owning a dryer if it can’t dry your clothes. If you notice your clothes are still damp after a full cycle, it could be due to a faulty heating element. We can identify the problem and replace your heating element to ensure your dryer operates efficiently.

Dryer Won't Turn On

If your dryer doesn’t turn on, don’t worry – not all hope is lost. In most cases, it’s due to electrical faults or faulty thermal fuses. We can fix the problem after we identify the true cause.

Washing Machine is Too Loud

If your washing machine is too loud when cleaning your clothes, it’s likely due to tub bearings. It won’t take us long to restore peace and tranquility to your home.

Washing Machine Load Basket Not Spinning

If your load basket is no longer spinning, your clothes won’t clean correctly. This is likely the result of a motor that no longer works. We can fix your load basket and provide some tips to prevent the issue from recurring again.

At Kelowna Pro Appliance, we can repair any washer or dryer, regardless of make or model. If you’re searching for a repair team that can fix major brands, off-brands, and everything in between, we’re a perfect choice. Let’s explore some of the most common brands we repair.

If you’re experiencing chronic washer and dryer problems in Kelowna, you might be considering buying new appliances. Choosing Kelowna Pro Appliance is a better solution.












All Other Washers and Dryers

We help our clients get more out of their existing appliances. We uncover the underlying faults in your washer or dryer, which means we provide permanent repairs to chronic problems. By not disposing of your current appliances for new models, you can avoid contributing unnecessary waste to landfills around Canada.

Also, by fixing minor issues in your washer or dryer, you can sometimes save money on your electricity bill. For example, if your heating element is faulty, it might still cause an increase in your energy bills without drying your clothing. Our repair services will keep your washer and dryer energy efficient.

If you’re experiencing washer or dryer issues in your home, it’s time to call the Kelowna appliance experts. It only takes a few days without a washer and dryer for your family’s house to get out of hand. At Kelowna Pro Appliance, we’re here to protect you from unwanted appliance downtime, and if you need immediate service, we offer same-day repair services. Call us today to schedule a repair appointment or request a quote.

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