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Our team works with both residential and commercial clients. Whether you’re having a problem with your family’s kitchen stove or your restaurant’s industrial stovetop, our team can help.

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Stove Repair Service Kelowna

Your stove is one of your kitchen’s most essential appliances. While stoves traditionally refer to a gas or electric stovetop, many modern appliances also incorporate ovens, griddles, and other cooking components. Without a perfectly functioning stove, it may be impossible to cook a hot meal for your family.

Unfortunately, stove problems can arise when you least expect them. As modern stoves incorporate a range of technologies, there are various reasons why your stove might stop functioning. At Kelowna Pro Appliance, we provide full-service stove repair solutions to our clients in Kelowna and the surrounding regions.

We begin all our repair services by traveling to your property, inspecting your stove, and determining the root cause. Next, we’ll provide you with a free quote and detail what components of your stove need to be repaired or replaced. Once your stove or oven is fixed, we’ll test your appliance to guarantee that it’s working correctly.

Common stove and oven problems we can fix

If you’re experiencing problems with your stove, Kelowna Pro Appliance is here to help. Let’s explore some standard stove issues that you might encounter with a gas or electric stove:

Gas Stove Not Igniting

If your gas stovetop doesn’t ignite, it could be due to grime buildup, electrical issues, igniter issues, gas issues, or a range of other problems we can diagnose and fix.

Strange Smells Coming from Gas Oven

If you notice strange smells coming from your gas oven, it might be a burner issue. Alternatively, if it’s a gas smell that you’re noticing, leave your property immediately and call emergency services. Do not stay in your home or commercial property if you suspect there is a gas leak.

Electric Stovetop Won't Heat

If your electric stovetop isn’t heating, it’s likely due to an electrical fault in your stove. We can diagnose and repair electrical stovetop issues in Kelowna.

Oven Doesn't Maintain Correct Temperature

If your oven isn’t maintaining the correct temperature, it could be due to issues with the igniter, broil element, brake element, thermostat, or oven sensor. We can determine the underlying cause and restore your oven’s temperature control.

Door Locked

If the door to your oven is locked, you might need a new door switch. Repairing a locked door is often simple, but it depends on the door release mechanism in your oven.
If you do not see the stove issue you’re experiencing outlined above, don’t worry – our team can handle any type of stove problem. Call our office today to discuss your stove issue with an experienced repair specialist.

Gas or electric stoves are two very different appliances. At Kelowna Pro Appliance, our repair technicians have experience repairing both gas and electrical appliances. When you call our team, make sure to detail your stove problem and inform us if you have a gas or electric stove.

At Kelowna Pro Appliance, our success in the repair industry is due to our transparent quotes, affordable services, and reliable turnaround times. While other repair services in the region will add fees, surcharges, and additional hidden costs onto your repair bill, we offer upfront quotes that ensure there are no billing surprises at the end of the repair job.

Additionally, we offer cost-effective repair solutions. We don’t believe you should break the bank to access an appliance that you’ve already purchased – Kelowna Pro Appliance makes professional repair services affordable.

Lastly, we know that restoring the functionality of your stove is a top priority. We offer same-day repair services to ensure you can cook a hot meal for your family the same night. We understand the importance of quick turnaround times.

At Kelowna Pro Appliance, we can fix all stove brands and models. Here are some of the standard brands we repair:















If you want to avoid stove repairs and unnecessary downtime, using some simple maintenance strategies can help you increase the longevity of your appliance. Let’s explore some easy steps you can take to improve the condition of your stove


    Perform a monthly "deep-clean" on your oven and stovetop.


    Only use cleaning products that are designated for ovens and stovetops.


    Test each burner and stove/oven component monthly (turn on and off).

    If you need immediate stove repair services, don’t hesitate to contact our team of appliance repair technicians in Kelowna. We understand that your stove is one of your home’s most critical appliances, and we’ll work diligently to guarantee it’s working at its full capacity. As the most trusted stove repair technicians in the region, we’re the top choice if you’re looking for reliable and timely repair solutions. Call us today for a free quote and to discuss any stove repair needs.

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