We have all been there. We begin to fold our warm clothes, fresh from the dryer, and begin to match our socks, only to find that they are missing their pair! You know for certain that you did not leave the house with only one sock on, and you begin to wonder, where could it have gone? 


Or perhaps you were positive that your favourite necklace somehow got tangled in the mess of dirty clothes and made its way into the wash. Only now you cannot find it anywhere.  


If this has happened to you, we are here to help you find these seemingly lost socks and treasures. It may take some work, but if you are determined to find your lost pair or that cherished necklace, it will be worth it. Continue reading to find out how to find lost items in the washing machine. 

Helpful Items to Have 

Finding lost items in the washing machine requires some time and elbow grease. While you can easily remove socks and other small clothing items with your hands, some things may get stuck. If this happens, you will need the right tools to reach them. 


You will also need several other helpful tools to have the best luck with retrieving your lost items in the washing machine, such as: 

      A screwdriver


      A small, flexible object (such as a wire piper cleaner or a cable tie) 

      A flashlight 

      A second person to help

Search the Top-Loading Part of the Washing Machine 

Now that you have all the right tools to help find your lost items, you can begin to search. There are different sections of the machine that objects are most likely to get caught in. For the best chance at finding your lost items, you will have to meticulously inspect the outer drum, check the heater, and inspect the sump hose. 

Inspect the Outer Drum 

The first step may seem obvious, but make sure the washing machine is empty and off. Then, take a flashlight and inspect the drum thoroughly. You can start to turn the inner drum and look for any lost items. 


You will then want to slowly pry the rubber seal to create a space between the inner metal drum rim and the seal. Next, spin the drum and look for those lost socks and miscellaneous items. This is where that small, flexible item comes in handy. 

Check the Heater 

Most times, articles of clothing can get attached to the heater. To check the heater, you will have to open the back of the washing machine. It is located in a small panel under the large drum motor. You then can shine your flashlight on the heater and spin the drum to search for the lost items. 


To have full access to the heater, you will have to take the panel out to examine it. Once you are done searching, remember to slide the heater back and push on it firmly. This will ensure that it is properly attached to the bracket. 

Inspect the Sump Hose 

If your lost items are still hiding somewhere in the depths of your washing machine, you will have to check the sump hose. For this step, it is recommended to have another person there to help. It can be a difficult task because you will have to lay the washing machine on its side.


Laying the appliance on its side will allow you to access the sump hose from the bottom of the washing machine. You can then remove the base plate of the machine and locate the sump hose. It will resemble a slinky and fits in the metal tube of the washing machine. 


To release it, clip where the hose is attached to the tub. Shine your flashlight at the underside of the drum to allow you to search for your missing items and remove them through this opening.

How to Remove Stuck Items From the Machine 

Now that you have found the lost item in the washing machine, the question is how to effectively remove it. While using your hands may be enough to extract some of the lost clothing items, you will need other tools to take apart parts of the machine and reach those small objects. 

Use Your Hands 

First, make sure that the washing machine is turned off and is empty. This will allow you to safely remove the missing items that might be located in the back of the machine. You might be able to extract small items from the perforation in the drum by using your hands, but it can be difficult. 


To remove lodged items from the inner or outer drum, you can try to use your hands. However, if you use your fingers, you risk only pulling out some of the stuck items, leaving some of them stuck in the machine. This is when other small tools come in and can be helpful. 

Use a Screwdriver 

If you want to remove an item from the outer and inner drum, a screwdriver will give you the necessary leverage. All you have to do is apply pressure to create a gap. Once you have a large enough gap, you can extract any clothing items stuck in the drum. 


If you are trying to remove a smaller item, like a bracelet or necklace, you may need to use a wire. Once you successfully remove your lost item, you need to spin the drum. This will ensure that the gap is sealed correctly. If it is not sealed right, you need to apply more pressure between the seal and the drum correctly. 

Use Pliers 

Pliers can give you the right grip to pull out those smaller items that you cannot reach with your fingers. Pliers will be able to grab the small objects with more ease and reduce the risk of things breaking off and getting stuck. 


And there you have it: A list of steps on how to find lost items in the washing machine. With the right amount of time, dedication, and tools, you will find your sock’s missing half or that priceless necklace. Remember to put all the machines parts back in the correct place to avoid losing more items or causing damage to the washing machine. 


If you are still struggling to find your missing items and are sure that your favourite scarf or family heirloom is hiding somewhere in the machine, call our professional washer & dryer appliance repair team. They have all of the right tools and knowledge to expertly take apart the drum and search for your missing treasures. 


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