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It only takes a day without your dishwasher for your dishes to begin piling up. If you’re accustomed to using a dishwasher to clean your family’s plates, cups, mugs, and more, you know how much you rely on it to manage your kitchen messes. Unfortunately, dishwashers can often cause problems that require the attention of a professional dishwasher repair company.

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Dishwasher Repair Service Kelowna

At Kelowna Pro Appliance, we offer expert dishwasher repair services to our residential and commercial clients in Kelowna. No matter what type of dishwasher problem you’re facing in your home or business, we can provide timely repair solutions.

Unlike other repair services in the region, our team of repair technicians isn’t restricted to a small number of dishwasher brands; we can repair any type of dishwasher sold in Canada. Our services are focused on diagnosing the underlying problem inside your dishwasher. Our team of experts is committed to providing permanent repairs to chronic dishwasher problems.
At Kelowna Pro Appliance, we offer same-day dishwasher repair services to clients that need immediate help. If your dishwasher is leaking or broken, and you can’t afford to wait days for a repair service, give our office a call. We offer free quotes, transparent pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Common washer and dryer problems we can fix.

Modern dishwasher include a range of technologies, so there could be several problems that arise within your home or commercial property’s appliance. Below, let’s explore some of the common washer and dryer issues we can repair in Kelowna:


Your Dishwasher Doesn't Start

If your dishwasher doesn’t turn on, it can point to various problems. Don’t worry – most of them are easily reparable. It might be due to your door switch, control panel, or thermal fuse. We’ll use a diagnostic assessment to determine which issue is preventing your dishwasher from turning on.

Your Dishwasher Doesn't Clean Your Dishes

A dishwasher that can’t clean your dishes isn’t a worthwhile appliance. Various issues can cause this problem: inlet valves, wash arms, water pump belts, circulation pumps, and more.

Your Dishwasher Leaks

A dishwasher leak is a serious issue that can damage other parts of your home. Leaks are typically a result of a faulty door seal, water inlet valve, or wash arms. We’ll identify the source of your leak and prevent further damage from occurring.

Your Dishwasher Doesn't Drain

If your dishwasher isn’t draining properly, it can leave your dishes soaking. This is often due to drainage hose or drainage pump issues.

Your Dishwasher Is Making Annoying Noises

An appliance making loud noises is never a good sign. In most cases, it could be due to your drain pump, circulation pump, or motor. It’s essential to use a professional repair team to uncover the source of the noise.
There are a variety of issues that arise with modern dishwashers. At Kelowna Pro Appliance, we’re capable of fixing any type of dishwasher problem. Let’s explore some of the common issues we fix for residents and business owners in Kelowna.

If you’re facing any of the previously mentioned issues, it’s critical to contact a repair team as quickly as possible. Some problems, such as dishwasher leaks, have the potential to cause damage to your property.

At Kelowna Pro Appliance, we pride ourselves on having experience with all types of dishwasher brands and models. Below are some of the typical brands we repair for our clients in Kelowna











At Kelowna Pro Appliance, we offer much more than traditional dishwasher services. If you’re searching for a dishwasher repair team that’s invested in long-term solutions for your appliances, we’re the perfect team for the job. When we repair your dishwasher, we’ll inspect every component of your appliance to ensure it operates at its full capacity.

Our repair services ensure your dishwasher is working again, but they can also improve your appliance’s energy efficiency. We’ll make sure all components of your dishwasher are in top working condition before leaving your home or business.

If you’re a resident or business owner in Kelowna that needs our team’s services at Kelowna Pro Appliance, we’re here to help you. Our cost-effective and timely repair services will have your dishwasher operating again without breaking the bank. Contact us today to discuss your dishwasher or any appliance repair concerns.

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