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Do you need help fixing your Oven? Has your dishwasher stopped working at the worst possible time? If you need the assistance of a professional appliance repair team, we are just a phone call away.

Lake Country Appliance Repair Experts

Is a broken washing machine ruining your day? Maybe you are tired of having to repair the same freezer again and again. Affordable, high-quality appliance repair service that you can rely on is something that every home needs. We are proud to serve Lake Country residents and provide top-notch, reliable appliance repairs that will improve your quality of life.

Services We Provide

We enjoy tackling any household appliance repair problems that you might throw at us. That said, the following repair services cover most of our everyday appliance service work.

Washer & Dryer Repair Kelowna

Washer Repair

The washing machine is one of the busiest appliances in your home. Any time it is offline and not working, it quickly creates a problem in your home, and no one wants to wear dirty clothes. Whether it is something simple like a broken handle or a door that will not close, all the way to major mechanical or electronic breakdowns, give us a call and take care of the problem today.

Dishwasher Repair Kelowna

Dishwasher Repair

Dishes pile up at a rapid rate, and we are sure there are days that you just do not have it in you to deal with dirty dishes. Get an expert technician to help you with a dishwasher that is leaking, making strange noises, or just will not turn on.

Stove & Oven Repair Kelowna

Oven Repair

If your stove or oven is not working, you can forget about cooking your favorite meals and inviting guests over. Whether these appliances show no signs of life or are cooking at lower-than-usual temperatures, you need a professional to look at them. Leaving them in that condition also poses a significant safety risk to your home.

Washer & Dryer Repair Kelowna

Dryer Repair

Winter days and cold temperatures are the enemies of drying clothes outside. During those periods, it is useful to have a functioning dryer that will get your clothes dry, fluffy, and ready to wear. Our repair technicians will ensure that your dryer is always ready and that no strange noises or broken cycles will happen when you need them most.

Refrigerator Repair Kelowna

Fridge & Freezer Repair

The last thing you want is the food you have bought to spoil due to a malfunctioning fridge or freezer. Protect your health and make sure that your food is cool and safe by calling our repair service. Whether you just bought a new one or have an old clunker, we can help. Fridges and freezers that will not cool or are showing other types of unwanted behavior are our specialties.

Microwave Repair Kelowna

Microwave Repair

Microwaves are one of the most convenient appliances for preparation and reheating when you are in a rush. Unfortunately, they tend to act up more than often, and we have run into a full range of microwave malfunctions in the past. We are just a phone call away, and we will make sure that your microwave is once again running, preparing popcorn for those family movie nights.

Why Chose Us?

We are a full-service appliance repair company serving both residential and commercial clients. The heart of our business is our team of experienced repair technicians who can tackle any appliance issue you can think of. After performing a thorough diagnostic on the malfunctioning appliance, we make sure that the customer knows which repairs are necessary, how long it will take to complete them, and how much it will cost them.

Our repair technicians are certified for this work and have undergone extensive professional training to be able to handle a variety of appliance repairs and tests. They also understand the importance of world-class customer service and will go out of their way to listen to any remarks the customer might have and make sure that the repair plan meets the needs of the customer. This is why all of our repairs and services are covered by a service warranty.

Major Brands we Repair

If you require an expert appliance repair company around Lake Country British Columbia, then look no further. We have been repairing major appliances for years and our technicians are experts.

You don’t need to wait days for an appliance repair service when you can get all the help and information you need from our team. We have prompt response times and are only a quick phone call away.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and let us help get your life back on track today!

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