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Do you need help fixing your refrigerator? Has your dishwasher stopped working at the worst possible time? If you need the assistance of a professional appliance repair team, Our experts are only only a phone call away. We specialize in appliance repair in Kelowna BC. Appliance repair warranty is offered with expert service on most makes and models. Call us today for premium appliance repair Kelowna services to bring your faulty household appliances back to life!

Kelowna Appliance Repair Experts

We are an experienced appliance repair Kelowna team that can handle most any type of appliance issue. We offer commercial and residential appliance appliance services to residents and business owners throughout Kelowna BC and the Okanagan area. If you’re searching for a licensed and qualified appliance repair Kelowna service, contact our office today. 

As a full-service appliance repair company, we take care of your appliance repair from start to finish. We begin our appliance repair by performing an in-depth diagnostic assessment of your appliance. Once we identify the root cause of any issues, we’ll repair the problem – our approach ensures the exact cause of your appliance problem is remedied.

We are confident in our solutions, which is why all our repair services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ready to repair the appliances in your home or commercial property and are searching for a repair company that values their clients, schedule one of our certified Kelowna BC based repair techs today.

Services We Provide

We are an experienced appliance repair service that can handle any type of appliance issue. We offer commercial and residential appliance repair services to residents and business owners throughout Kelowna BC and the Okanagan area. If you’re searching for a licensed and qualified appliance repair service, contact our office today.

Washer & Dryer Repair Kelowna

Washer Repair

A broken washer will result in dirty laundry stacking up in your home. Don’t delay repairing your appliance issues when they arise. Our Kelowna BC appliance team can fix almost any clothes washer problem!


  • Your door won’t open or close.
  • Your machine is noisy.
  • Your washer turns off mid-cycle.
  • Your washer is leaking.
  • Your machine won’t turn on.
Dishwasher Repair Kelowna

Dishwasher Repair

A broken dishwasher will prevent you from cleaning up after meals. If you want to restore order to your kitchen, call our Kelowna BC appliance repair team straight away to fix any dishwasher related problems you may encounter!

  • Your dishwasher won’t turn on.
  • Your dishwasher makes strange noises.
  • Your dishwasher’s doors won’t open or close.
  • Your dishwasher is leaking.
  • Your dishwasher won’t drain correctly.
Stove & Oven Repair Kelowna

Oven Repair

If your stove or oven isn’t working correctly, it can be impossible to cook your favorite meals. Our Kelowna BC repair experts can fix most stove or oven related issues. Even gas ovens!

  • Your oven won’t heat up.
  • Your stovetop won’t heat up.
  • Your oven is producing strange odors.
  • Your oven cooks your food unevenly.
  • You can’t open or close your oven doors.
  • Your burners won’t turn on.
Washer & Dryer Repair Kelowna

Dryer Repair

You need your home’s dryer, especially when the outside temperatures drop. If you want to avoid piles of damp clothing accumulating in your home, we can fix your dryer issues. Our repair services in Kelowna can take get you drying clothes again! 

  • Your dryer turns off mid-cycle.
  • Your dryer won’t turn on.
  • Your dryer is making strange noises.
  • Your dryer won’t open or close.
Refrigerator Repair Kelowna

Fridge & Freezer Repair

If you don’t have a refrigerator that works correctly, the food inside of it will spoil. As one of your home’s most expensive appliances, it’s critical to contact our Kelowna refrigeration repair team if you’re facing any fridge or freezer problems. We are Kelowna British Columbia # choice for refidgeration repairs.

  • Your refrigerator is making strange noises.
  • Your ice maker isn’t working.
  • Your refrigerator door isn’t opening or closing.
  • Your refrigerator isn’t keeping your food cold.
  • Your refrigerator is leaking water.
Microwave Repair Kelowna

Microwave Repair

Kelowna families rely on their microwaves as a fast to reheat food and defrost a quick meal. If your microwave isn’t working correctly, we can find the underlying issue and repair it. Reach out to our Kelowna based reapir team tody!

  • Your microwave doesn’t heat your food.
  • Your microwave control panel isn’t working.
  • Your rotating microwave plate isn’t moving.
  • You notice sparks inside your microwave.
  • Built-In microwave removal
  • Microwave hood fan repair

Why Chose Us?

#1 Appliance Service For Kelowna BC And The Okanagan Valley

Premium Appliance Repair Kelowna

We provide numerous benefits to our clients. Many people feel due to the potential high costs of their appliance repair, many Kelowna BC residents opt to purchase new appliances when they run into difficulty.

Many times it is actually far more cost effective to repair your appliance vs. purchasing new.

Our services are the most affordable in the Kelowna BC area – we believe it’s best to make it cost-effective to avoid unnecessarily replacing your existing appliances.

Additionally, we’ll inspect your appliances for other potential faults when we perform our repair services to spot other problems before they cause serious issues. Rest assured our appliance repair Kelowna services are some of the best backed by a service & repair warranty.

Major Brands we Repair

We understand that you can’t afford to wait days for an appliance repair service to visit your home or business. If you need immediate help from a qualified appliance repair technician, our appliance repair team is only a quick phone call away.

If you have any questions about our appliance repair solutions in Kelowna BC, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We’re more than happy to provide additional information to potential clients. If you provide us with details about your faulty household appliances, we can promptly schedule a repair service tech to diagnosis and repair your faulty appliance.

We don’t just operate in Kelowna BC, we also offer appliance repair solutions in the northern Okanagan Valley. Call us to see if you are located in our service area. We offer expert appliance services to home owners and small business clients.

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“My fridge started making loud noises. We had to unplug the power. They showed up and found a metal shroud stuck in the fan. So happy to have my fridge working again! Thanks to the team at Kelowna Pro Appliance repairs for your great work. “

Gane J.


“My washing machine started leaking water to the point it was puddling on the floor. Called Kelowna Pro Appliance to fix the issue. When they arrived they quickly found the drain was plugged. While they were on site they also cleaned and inspected my washer!”

Marg J.


“We were considering purchasing a new dishwasher to replace our unreliable LG. Until Rob from Kelowna Pro Appliance came and recommended we keep the dishwasher as it just had a loose wiring connection. They saved us hundreds of dollars.”

Rick P.


“My fridge started making loud noises. We had to unplug the power. They showed up and found a metal shroud stuck in the fan. So happy to have my fridge working again! Thanks to the team at Kelowna Pro Appliance for your great work and appliance service. “

Cathy S.


Our Service Areas

Our dedicated appliance repair team are based in the Kelowna BC area and because we are a mobile based business, we come to your location! We also service the northern Okanagan valley and surrounding areas. Our appliance services come highly recommended by residents of Kelowna with many repeat customers! We are Kelowna & West Kelowna appliance service pros! We have been serving the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia for years and have worked with most make and model appliances. Give us a phone call today to hire our professional services in kelowna British Columbia.

We service Kelowna BC and the Okanagan Valley. Our service areas include. West Kelowna, Westbank, Penticton, Vernon, Summerland, Peachland, Lake Country, Coldstream, and surrounding areas. (Kelowna BC V1Y) / British Columbia Canada

Is It Better To Repair Or Replace An Appliance?

Home appliances are an integral part of our daily lives, making our routines smoother and more efficient. However, when an appliance starts to malfunction, we often face the dilemma of whether to repair it or replace it with a new one. In most cases, repairing your home appliance is a far better option than buying a new one. In this section, we will discuss the numerous benefits of repairing home appliances, including financial savings, environmental impact, and preserving the life of your appliances.

1. Financial Savings

One of the most significant benefits of repairing home appliances is the cost savings. Repairs are often less expensive than buying a brand-new appliance. By opting for repairs, you can avoid the hefty price tag associated with purchasing a new unit. Additionally, you may be able to save even more money by taking advantage of warranties, extended service plans, or deals from local repair shops.

2. Environmental Impact

Repairing home appliances is an eco-friendly choice that contributes to reducing waste and conserving natural resources. When you choose to repair rather than replace, you’re preventing an appliance from ending up in a landfill. Furthermore, the manufacturing process of new appliances consumes energy and raw materials, resulting in a larger carbon footprint. By repairing your existing appliance, you’re helping to minimize the environmental impact of production and disposal.

3. Preserving Appliance Life

Home appliances are built to last, but even the most durable products will experience wear and tear over time. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can extend the life of your appliances, ensuring you get the most value out of your initial investment. In many cases, repairing a single component or addressing a minor issue can significantly prolong the overall lifespan of an appliance.

4. Improved Performance

Repairing your home appliance can lead to improved performance and efficiency. When a skilled technician addresses the issue, they may identify other areas that require attention, resulting in a more effective appliance. This increased efficiency can lead to reduced energy consumption, which can lower your utility bills over time.

5. Supporting Local Businesses

Choosing to repair your home appliances can also have a positive impact on your local economy. When you work with a local repair shop, you’re supporting a small business and promoting job growth in your community. This helps to create a thriving and vibrant local economy, benefiting everyone in the area.

6. A More Sustainable Choice

Repairing appliances aligns with the principles of a circular economy, which promotes resource efficiency and waste reduction. By maintaining and repairing the items we already own, we can minimize the need for new products and reduce the overall demand on resources. This approach contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

In conclusion, repairing your home appliances is a smart choice that offers numerous benefits. Not only will you save money and extend the life of your appliances, but you’ll also minimize your environmental impact, improve performance, and support your local economy. Next time one of your appliances starts to malfunction, consider the advantages of repair over replacement, and make the choice that’s best for your wallet, the environment, and your community.

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